First liposuction clinic

First liposuction clinic (since 1992)

The PRIMED Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery is based on the long-standing practice of the First Liposuction Clinic. It was the First Liposuction Clinic that was the first clinic to practice the most popular methods of fat extraction (liposuction) in the Czech Republic. Its activity dates back to 1992.

We have over a quarter of a century of experience and thousands of satisfied clients from all over the Czech Republic and many other countries.

The technology and medical procedures that have been used for liposuction have, of course, progressed extensively. It goes without saying that we are constantly improving, educating and buying ever more modern equipment to satisfy even the most demanding requirements and clients.

Since more plastic surgeons operate in our clinic, we have extended our range to cover other types of aesthetic surgery. And since we are not just focusing on liposuction, First Liposuction Clinic has been incorporated into the PRIMED Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery. Nevertheless, liposuction is still our specialty and we are one of the most experienced specialists in the Czech Republic.

The first liposuction clinic and the rich experience of our specialists are available to you if you wish to solve any aesthetic problems. So do not hesitate to order a non-biding and free consultation to discuss with our specialist everything that is bothering you and together we will find a solution that will reach your desired goal.

Since 1992

Thousands of interventions

Thousands of satisfied clients

Modern procedures and equipment

Experienced professionals.

Human approach

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Available types of liposuction

Tumescent liposuction

The most famous and probably the most aesthetic surgery is undoubtedly tumescent liposuction.

It is a method of extracting fats, which is performed:

  • outpatient, ie without hospitalization.
  • without the necessity of anesthesia and in local anesthesia.
  • Without pain. Only a very small number of clients can sometimes experience a minor discomfort that does not prevent successful completion of the procedure.

The procedure is simple:

Sucked out locations are drawn first. Subsequently, it is completely painlessly impregnated with a special solution that is desensitizing, dilutes the fat cells and pulls the blood vessels (so there is no bleeding when being sucked out). The suction is carried out with 3 mm thin cannulas, so the entry wounds are not stitched – after healing only a tiny and almost invisible scar remains. During the operation, the client can stand up and the surgeon may check the uniformity of the sucked out sites or make minor corrections. It is not possible in anesthesia, so tumescent liposuction is much more effective.

During the surgery, the client can watch TV, listen to music or have a snack.

After perfect extraction of fat from all designated locations (it is possible to suck out up to 5l of pure fat), the client is dressed in a fairly fashionable compression sleeve, which is worn for 3-4 weeks. The tumescent fluid flows out of the tiny wounds, it is of pinkish color and contains remains of fat and fat cells for 6-24 hours after surgery.

Laser assisted liposuction SlimLipo

The modern and highly recommended method of liposuction is laser-assisted liposuction SlimLipo.

This method of liposuction is very attractive for several reasons:

  • the procedure is very fast, outpatient
  • has a mini-invasive character, you do not have to worry about scars
  • liposuction SlimLipo is completely painless
  • compared to conventional fat extraction methods a very welcome side effect is the stretching of the skin because SlimLipo has the ability to restore the skin’s elasticity.

The procedure is very similar to classical (tumescent) liposuction, except that a special laser cannula is used. The laser then breaks down the fat cells and those are then sucked out. And it is just a laser that, in addition to fat cells, also affects the surrounding tissues, which leads to the strengthening of skin elasticity. Thanks to that It will reach tension, which leads to the fact that the result of SlimLipo liposuction is usually significantly better.

Anyways, make an appointment and visit us for a free consultation. Our specialists will tell you everything, answer your questions and you will see that you will be enthusiastic about SlimLipo liposuction just like us!

Why choose us

Outstanding Doctors

The best plastic surgeons in the region work here.

At PRIMED Clinic, you will be taken care of by the Chief and Deputy Head of Plastic Surgery from the region's most important hospital. With us, you are in the right hands!

Range of interventions

We offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments.

At PRIMED Clinic we are ready to meet almost any wish and improve your appearance in a variety of ways and of various body parts. With us you can fulfill any dream of a better look!

Human approach

Discretion, professionalism and human approach are everything for us.

The PRIMED Clinic is worked by highly experienced physicians and nurses for whom the client always comes first. Rely on our confidentiality and professionalism!

Professional equipment

At the clinic, we have the latest devices.

At PRIMED Clinic, we have the latest medical devices to perform effective procedures for you. We offer you truly professional service!

Comprehensive services

We are ready to provide you with complete services from A to Z.

At PRIMED Clinic we will provide first-class aesthetic surgery as well as comprehensive service including, transport and accompanying program during your stay at our clinic. We are here for you!

Comfortable facilities

We have prepared pleasant facilities for your convalescence.

At the PRIMED Clinic, we accomodate you in comfortable rooms, where you will be taken care of during your convalescence. Enjoy the stay with us even after the procedure!