Birthmarks and skin growths removal

Birthmarks and skin growths removal

No more warts, growths

and ugly birthmarks.

Get rid of them simply and quickly!

Birthmarks, freckles, warts, protuberances. They can also be dangerous, but in most cases, it is just a cosmetic flaw. Getting rid of it can be relatively simple, either the affected site is cut off or the imperfection is removed with a laser. The whole matter takes a few minutes, and then you will have peace forever. We have more options for removing birthmarks and skin growths.

If you have something on your body you do not like, come to us for a free consultation. Our specialist will advise you and help you solve this aesthetic problem.

100 EUR

The exact price of the procedure depends on the amount and location of the birthmarks. Come to for a free consultation!

How do birthmarks and skin protuberances look like?

Every person has birthmarks. Some have fewer of them and others are suffering too many. It does not necessarily mean a flaw in beauty, sometimes the freckles are very attractive. Birthmarks can also be there from birth, but also occur during life. The skin phototype and genetic predispositions are involved in their development.

It is similar to skin protuberances and bumps. They can be fluid-filled cysts, skin keratoses, neurofibromas and other types. They are usually benign, but scratch under the clothes or just take away from the beauty.

When can I have birthmarks and skin growths removed?

Something can be done with almost every imperfection. For birthmarks and skin growths, expert skin examination is an important condition. If you have confirmed that they are benign bodies, we can remove them.

First of all, we need to care about health, beauty should be a second-rate matter, and we never perform any interventions on our clients which would endanger them.

When can not we help you?

If it is a malignant skin tumor, look for a hospital workplace with appropriate specialization, the possible procedure is fully paid by the health insurance company.

Removal of birthmarks and skin growth is not possible during pregnancy and skin inflammation in the area.

Do you hate skin growths, birthmarks or warts on your body? Order a non-binding consultation and you will be able to meet your ideas with our specialist.

The story of Mirka: I no longer look like a witch

I had two protuberances at the mouth, reddish, looking like warts. I do not remember when they actually appeared, but I know they caused many complications in my teenage years. Over time, I was somehow at peace with them, but the last drop was when my friend’s niece asked me if I was a witch if I had such warts. An innocent note started a rollercoaster of examinations and I’m very happy about it today.

One thing led to another. I visited PRIMED Clinic, had an examination to confirm that it was a non-malignant body, and a week later I underwent a laser treatment. I was afraid that my warts would leave ugly scars, but the result surprised me. If you met me today, you would never have known that my face had once carried two ugly growths.

Removing skin growths and birthmarks is an affordable, painless and risk-free treatment. Come and let us convince you at PRIMED Clinic.

What prevents the removal of birthmarks and skin growths?

First, come to an introductory consultation and the doctor will discuss with you your family anamnesis. Before removing, we will require a confirmation that this is not a malignant skin tumor. Depending on the size, shape, and placement, a method is chosen to remove skin growths or birthmarks.

Before the procedure, do not eat and drink to prevent yourself from getting sick, you need to stop using blood thinning medication. Immediately prior to the surgery, a local anesthetic is applied to prevent pain during the procedure.

What is the course of the procedure like?

For removing birthmarks and skin growths we have more options. If a classic cut is selected, two courses of action are possible. Either the birthmark is cut off and the subsequent wound is sewn or it is only very gently peeled off the surface of the skin. Then there is no need for stitching, a common scab is created, and it gradually peels off over time.

There is no need to sew after using a laser as well. Only a wound looking like an abrasion will occur, swelling may occur during a longer procedure, but it will disappear within a few days. The tissue just evaporates and you almost do not feel anything. Patients sometimes feel slight stinging or burning, but it is nothing they cannot endure. Anesthetic ointments are used for numbing the place.

What happens after the procedure?

In the case of surgical removal of birthmarks and skin growths, of course, it is necessary to visit us on a scheduled date for stitch extraction. After the laser method, healing is easier, the skin that develops looks like a regular burn, and it will peel off after about a week. Just after surgery, the treated site may be red and swollen, but it is quite normal.

After the treatment, it is necessary to avoid sunlight. Use SPF 50 to protect the skin from undesirable pigmentation. That’s why it’s better to go through this procedure during winter when we are not exposed to the sun so often.

Can the removal of birthmarks and skin growths cause complications?

If a classic surgical excision is chosen, the wound may suffer from inflammation. Everything depends on the ability of the body to regenerate and to maintain hygiene. Dirt should not get into the wound, therefore, put a plaster over it.

Complications are very rare for laser treatment. The only thing that happens is undesirable pigmentation, especially when the patient is exposed to sunshine after surgery.