Breast enlargement with own fat (autoaugmentation)

Breast enlargement using own body fat

Bigger breasts with a beautiful shape

and a more perfect figure

without unnatural implants!

Many women are bothered by their small bust and a lot of them constantly complain about bigger hips or bigger belly. Breast augmentation with own body fat (autoaugmentation) solves both these problems at the same time. Removes fat where it is not desirable, and moves it to places where it is desirable.

Does this sound too fabulous to be true? Wrong, at our Clinic this procedure is routinely performed. Order a free consultation and get a better figure as soon as possible!

3200 EUR

The price may vary depending on the volume of fat applied. The exact price will be provided at a free consultation consultation. Do not hesitate and make an order!

What are the benefits compared to a routine augmentation?

In a common breast surgery (enlargement with breast implants, augmentation) you get artificial implants into your body, while in breast enlargement with your own fat (autoaugmentation) your body will not be burdened by anything like that.

It will take your own tissue without issues, you will not have any scars and your recovery will be faster. The result is also more natural.

How much can the bust be enlarged with autoaugmentation?

While with breast implants it is possible to perform practically any size enlargement, autoaugmentation works differently. The breasts can be enlarged by about one size. Should we give you more body fat into your body, it could go dead. It must be surrounded by good blood circulation to obtain vascular supply.

It is also important to mention one more thing. Applied fat tends to absorb by up to 50%, so it is sometimes necessary to repeat the surgery for optimal results.

Whom is the autoaugmentment appropriate for?

The fact that you have small breasts does not mean that the enlargement of your breasts with your own body fat will help you. Common breast implants might be more appropriate for you. It all depends particularly on two factors:

  • you can not expect a huge enlargement – body fat can enlarge the bust by about one size,
  • you need to have enough fat on your body – if you’re too slim, there will not be enough body fat to take from.

If it were so easy and possible for everybody, it would have long ago replaced the standard breast augmentation with breast implants. It is a gentle method because the body responds much more favorably to its own tissue.

We usually take about 500-600 ml of body fat from the belly, thighs or other areas where the fat is in excess. If you are too slim, the procedure will unfortunately not be possible.

If you are not sure whether to choose common implants or if you have a suitable figure for breasts enlargement with body fat, order a free consultation with our specialist. We will help you choose the best option.

Does breast augmentation with own body fat pose any risks?

Breast surgery with own fat (autoaugmentation) eliminates many potential complications. For example, an allergic reaction to silicone cannot occur. Bleeding, breaking of the nerve fibers, muscle and blood vessels happens very rarely. In pure theory, fat embolism could occur if the fat is injected directly into the bloodstream. But we really have not experienced such a case yet.

Every surgery has its own risks, but the chances of it happening to you are minimal.

When may autoaugmentation not be performed?

You will not be able to undergo autoaugmentation if you do not meet the above two conditions (you only wish to enlarge your bust by about one size and you have enough body fat that can be used for that).

It is also not possible to operate on you if you are a strong smoker if you are recovering from a disease or a cold or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Though breast surgery could be performed, it is very likely that postoperative complications would occur and healing would be too long. That’s why we never perform surgery in these situations. Your satisfaction and safety is always our top priority.

Miss Eva's story: Autoaugmentation has improved my figure

Since puberty, I noticed that I had had smaller breasts than my peers. Of course, it struck me very much at the time, but then I came to see that smaller breasts are also pretty. But I practically had no breasts. I did not want size D, but a slight enlargement at least would make me feel better. However, I did not want to have implants in my body. When I learned about autoaugmentation, there appeared a new hope for me.

I’m quite slim, but I have pretty feminine shaped hips, so there was body fat which was available to be used without issues. At PRIMED Clinic, they increased the size of my breasts by about one size with my own fat. Not much, but it was enough. In addition, they have reduced the size of my hips! My figure now looks far more symmetrical. And my boyfriend is also excited.

If you have a sense of inferiority caused by your small breasts and large hips, believe that you are not alone. Join a group of our clients who have decided to do something about it!

What can you expect before the enlargement of your bust with your own body fat?

If you come to us for autoaugmentation, together we will first evaluate whether this method is suitable for you. If not, we will not let you go unhappy, and if you still want to enlarge your bust, we can discuss regular implants.

If there is a positive decision, together we will choose the place from which we remove the fat, and set a date for surgery. In advance, we will tell you what you can expect in the operating room and how you will be recovering.

How does autoaugmentation work?

First comes the fat extraction from the places agreed. Fat obtained by liposuction is immediately processed, viable cells, which may then go to your bust are separated from it.

Further comes the actual breast augmentation, in this case, breast enlargement with your own fat. The doctor will only use the cannula to inject fat into your bust, so you will not be left with any big scars.

This whole procedure takes about three hours and our doctors have a lot of experience with it. There is nothing to worry about. You will wake up with a bigger bust and smaller belly. What else could you wish for?

How long is the recovery after breasts enlargement with own body fat?

It takes noticeably shorter than augmentation with breast implants. We will let you go home on the next day, but you have to keep resting. We do not recommend doing any physically demanding work or sports. You should also not sleep on your belly for a few days, and wear bras without hard components (for example sports bras).

Your new breasts may hurt a bit for a week or two, but that will not limit you in your activities.