Brow surgery (brow lift)

Brow surgery

A cheerful face,

eyes full of energy

and a younger look!

Do you always look tired and sad? At the age of fifty, it is quite normal, the forehead and the eyebrows fall and the devastated expression of the face appears. Sometimes, illnesses such as facial nerve palsy can also be blamed. Occasionally, eyebrows sometimes overlap eyelids and their fall deteriorates. Patients often come with the vision of wanting to improve dropped lids, in fact, it’s a rather the eyebrow causing it. And the brow lift solves this situation!

If you have the above-mentioned problem, come to PRIMED Clinic for a  free consultation and we may discuss it together how the brow lift can help you.

800 EUR

The cost of the procedure may vary based on the chosen surgery technique and the amount of applied substance. You will learn the exact price from the surgeon at the non-binding consultation. Make an appointment!

What is brow lift?

Brow lift or brow surgery reduces wrinkles on the forehead and the nose. It lifts the brow, adjusts its curve, and thus changes the overall look. Your forehead will stretch off and you will get younger. The procedure can be combined with upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery, but it is often unnecessary since the brow lift will also lift the eyelids. Alternatively, it can be completed with the facelift.

The brow lift incorporates several different procedures. The easiest way is to remove the skin over the eyebrows, making eyebrows stretch. Sometimes the skin is picked up in the hairy part of the head, sometimes it is manipulated with the entire skin. Modern procedures use an endoscope.

Whom will the brow surgery help?

Lower eyebrow surgery is suitable for people who are over 50 years of age, but the ideal age is, of course, individual and based on the difficulties. It will help you if you have a constantly tired, sad or grumpy look, deep forehead wrinkles or excess skin over your eyes. If you are looking at something like this on your face, do not hesitate to come to our introductory free consultation. We will think of a solution together.

As has been said, the brow lift is not just a cosmetic affair. It can also help with the paralysis of the nerve and other diseases that degrade face symmetry. Although the recommended age is after the 50th year, of course, individuals with these diseases may be younger. Young people who simply are not satisfied with the shape of their eyebrow curve or have an asymmetrical eyebrow can also take action.

When can it not be performed?

Eyebrow correction is not performed for patients with a severe chronic disease, pregnant women or smokers. People who smoke have a higher incidence of complications, the process of recovery is longer and more complicated. At the same time, you need to be healthy at least a month before the surgery.

You should also respect the decision of the specialist. Sometimes a person looks tired of entirely different reasons than because of dropped skin on his or her forehead. If you are told that brow lift does not solve your problem, do not insist on it.

If you want to change your look and not look tired, sad or gruffy, visit us for a consultation. Our specialists will consult your situation and suggest how to improve your appearance in the most effective way.

The story of Peter: Brow lift is not only for women

I’m 53 years old and I’m not worried about the wrinkles. As a man, I do not insist so much on my appearance, but my fallen forehead was bothering me. People often asked me why I was so upset, and I did not know what to answer them. It was just an expression of my tired face, I looked annoyed constantly. In a few weeks, I will be a grandfather and I would like to smile at my grandchild. That made me start to solve the problem.

At PRIMED Clinic they explained that it would help me if I had my eyebrows raised. We planned a term of the intervention and I took a week off at my job. I had almost no pain after the procedure, but there were unpleasant bruises on the treated spot. At that time I did not want to go out for other people to see them, I almost cannot remember them now. My friends know me again as a constantly cheerful person. I only have wrinkles from laughing a lot.

And what about you? Do you not want to seem sad around other people? Come to PRIMED Clinic and ask for the brow lift.

What is the preoperative preparation like?

The first step is the initial consultation. The expert will tell you if lowered brow surgery is right for you and how it will be done. He will also tell you what precautions you should take before the procedure. We will need a basic preoperative examination to prevent possible complications.

For surgery in general anesthesia, you must not eat, drink or smoke on the day of the surgery.

If you become ill, please let us know that the surgery can not be performed if, for example, you have the flu.

Tip: Make a photo of your eyebrows and forehead at home so you have a comparison for after the surgery. Taking a picture is possible even at our clinic, patients are thrilled when they see the difference.

How does brow lift work?

Eyebrow correction is performed either in partial or general anesthesia. Depending on the extent of the surgery. Local anesthesia is more favorable for the body, but sometimes it is simply not possible. In addition, general anesthesia is more pleasant for patients, but few feel comfortable when their doctors have to perform cuts on their head.

The specific procedure of brow surgery varies greatly depending on which method exactly is chosen. Sometimes a few small cuts are done on the part of the head with hair or on the temples. If the surgery is required to lower the forehead, the incision is leading to the hairline, and a scar may then be visible. But it may be covered with hair.

How long does recovery take after brow lift?

Post-surgery pain is not severe, common analgesics will be enough. However, the pain threshold is individual, we will not tell you how much the healing will hurt. There may be bruises and swelling at the site of treatment, disappearing in one or two weeks. To maximize the healing process, wear the compression elastic bandage that will be given to you. It alleviates edema and bleeding. During the first 24 hours after the surgery, you should not take it off at all.

Since it is a facial intervention, most people are not very comfortable to go to work after the procedure. But of course, it is possible. You should avoid physically demanding activities for a few weeks.

And one more thing, you should know. If someone tells you that the eyebrow lifting effect is permanent, do not trust them. You can not stop time and aging, but you can enjoy the results for about five to ten years.

Can some complications occur during brow lift?

A lot depends on what method is right for you. For some people, the scar is completely covered with hair, others need to change their hairstyle a little to make it less visible.

Other than aesthetic complications, there is skin numbness, but that disappears after a few weeks.