Correction of ear lobes and ears

Correction of ear lobes and ears

Beautiful symmetrical ears

with a natural shape

and a nice earlobe!

However superficial the first impression is, most people will judge a person based on his or her looks. The biggest role is played by the face, and it can go wrong because of something as small as the ears. Many children have to face the looks and mocking because of their protruding ears, and they have to suffer the issue until their adulthood. The difference between girls and boys is not really made in this case. Even girls who can hide their ears under the hair sometimes want to make a ponytail or braids. It is useless to let this anomaly of their ears prevent them from it. It is precisely for their removal that the correction of the earlobes and ears is helping.

If you or your children have asymmetrical ears, deformed earlobes or other aesthetic problems in the ears area, order a free consultation at PRIMED Clinic and thanks to our experts, we will solve this unpleasant issue!


The price is ranging from CZK 8,000 for one side and from CZK 14,000 for both ears. The price also varies depending on the type of procedure - ear attraction or cartilage augmentation, etc. The exact price will be provided at a free consultation. Do not hesitate and make an order!

What is the correction of ear lobes and ears?

Correction of earlobes and ears is a relatively simple surgery that practically works with all anomalies of the earlobe and ears as a whole. We adjust their size, shape, asymmetry, and similar. We perform the so-called otoplasty, which means especially the correction of protruding ears. The great advantage is that the scars are usually behind the ear, so they are not normally seen unless someone really has a closer look at your ears. In no way, it prevents you from wearing glasses.

In the case of earlobes, we usually deal with a deformity caused by an earring tearing the earlobe or enlargement of the earring holes with bulky and heavy earrings, or ear trauma.

Whom do we perfom the surgery for?

In terms of ear size reduction or adjustment, it is best to have it performed during childhood. Ear surgery is recommended for preschool and school children, they better cope with it, they do not have to suffer the mockery of their classmates during their teenage years.

However, if you did not have the luck in your childhood and you have lived with your ugly ears until adulthood, of course, we will also be able to help with it. Do not hesitate and order a free consultation, during which we will tell you all that is necessary.

When can the correction of the earlobes and ears not be performed?

Correction of earlobes and ears is a surgical procedure, so we do not perform it for patients with a higher risk of postoperative complications. It is impossible to meet the demands of people with diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clotting disorder, severe internal organ diseases or any acute illnesses.

Before surgery, you must be healthy for at least two weeks, it is necessary to stop using blood thinners. We can operate neither pregnant women nor smokers. First and foremost, there is safety and satisfaction for you.

If you are interested in correction of ear lobes and ears, order a non-binding consultation. Our specialist will help you solve your problem.

Jirka's story: I grew up from using plugs and stretchers

During my teenage years, I had both my ears pierced. I did not just wear small earrings, I fell in love with screwing plugs and stretchers. The holes in both ears were stretched to a fairly large dimension, even though my parents did not like it at all. The biggest concern for them was that I would stop liking it one day and then walk around with my ears stretched. And it really did happen.

Gradually, I came to the stage when distinctive jewels in ears, especially for men, stopped being so appealing. I started to deal with what could be done about the shape of my earlobes and ended up at PRIMED Clinic. Where I also had the earlobes stitched. I appreciate their approach. All of the people at the clinic were professional so I did not have to feel stupid or ashamed of my decisions I made when I was a teenager.

Whether you have inherited atypical ears, your earlobes are too big, you accidentally tore your earlobe, or you had pulled it by your own fault like Jirka, visit PRIMED Clinic. Together we will fix it.

What is the preoperative preparation like?

The basis is a consultation with a doctor. It will be explained what happens during the correction of the earlobes and ears and how the result will look like. You will also be told about what you should do on the day of the surgery and how you will look after your new ears after it. You will have to undergo a preoperative examination, also because of the risks associated with anesthesia.

Correction of earlobes and ears is usually performed in local anesthesia, but smaller children who cannot manage, are treated in general anesthesia.

What will happen to you during the correction of earlobes and ears?

There is a whole lot of surgeries, the technique varies considerably. Generally, however, the desired ear shape is always created and fixed with several stitches at the back of the ear. These are removed after two weeks (or not at all – depending on the sewing material used). For example, when the earlobe gets torn, the large hole is cut out first and then stitched.

The surgery adjusting the shape of both ears lasts for about 1.5-2 hours. It all depends on the default condition of the earlobes and ears. The procedure is usually done outpatient, so you can go home afterward. However, we recommend you to arrange to not go alone.

How long is the recovery?

We will not hide the fact that there might be pain and swelling after the surgery. Suitable is dry cooling, use pain medication too. It takes up to 14 days. During this time, you should also wear a strong bandage, use an elastic headband after several redressing of the bandage. You will continue to wear it overnight. For the first week, we recommend sleeping on your back, wash your head less often and do not get exposed to direct sunshine.

Regarding the correction of the earlobes, it is good to use lotions for lubrication and massage the scars. Do not have the ear pierced or put on new earrings for at least six weeks.

Wearing a headband, in particular, may not be aesthetic to some people, but by following the post-operative care, you will speed up the healing process and allow the body to cope with the surgery. Note that after a couple of weeks of restraining yourself you will have beautiful ears for the rest of your life. The effect is permanent.

Can any complications occur?

Infections are less common compared to other surgeries. Smokers may have skin dying above the cartilage, so we do not perform this surgery for smokers. Sometimes there is bleeding, but the bandage around the head stops it. Pain is unfortunately common, in adults it is stronger than in children because they have more nerve endings in the ear.

It may happen that after the surgery both ears are not the same. In fact, this is normal, because no pairs of organs are ever 100% symmetrical. However, if you are not satisfied with the result, you may ask to have the ears reshaped. This must not take place within six months of the original surgery.