Excess fat removal (liposuction)

Excess fat removal

Sharpen your figure

without unnecessary complications,

quickly and reliably!

Increased body weight is a major problem especially because of increased health risks and aesthetic appearance. One possible solution is the surgical removal of body fat. Professionally, this process is referred to as extracting excess fat (liposuction). This is an aesthetic medical procedure, which has long been popular and has been offered at our clinic since 1992, which was originally called First Liposuction Clinic. By removing fat from various areas of your body, you can more easily sharpen the parts where you can not get rid of the excess fat. A side effect is a slight weight loss, and although liposuction cannot be considered a weight loss method, you will feel much better after it.

If you have any body parts that cannot lose fat, visit us at PRIMED Clinic for a free consultation. We will help you sharpen your figure in an optimal way.

800 EUR

The cost of the procedure is determined by the type of liposuction and the location of treated part. The exact price will be provided at a non-binding consultation. Do not hesitate and make an order!

Which areas can be adjusted with liposuction

The distribution of fat in the human body is quite different for men and women. Gentlemen usually have it in the abdomen. Thanks to its accumulation, the shape of the figure is changing noticeably. The fat is deposited, among other places, in hips, where it is less noticeable but still visible. For women, it is typical to have fat accumulated in the hips, buttocks, waist and inner thighs, those are the locations we fix with tumescent liposuction or SlimLipo the most often. Sometimes the lower abdomen is also affected, mons veneris liposuction is common. Women are simply naturally inclined to have fat in multiple parts.

The most common pattern is when the fat comes to the hips and thighs. The body appears remotely like a pear. Otherwise, fat can build up in the abdomen. Everything is mostly dependant on the genes. Women get to a particular shape with the help of a wrong style of life.

In which cases will liposuction help?

Mezi veřejností obecně panuje názor, že liposukci musí podstupovat lidé, kteří jsou abnormálně při těle. Vždy tomu tak být určitě nemusí.

Obecně platí fakt, že odsávání tuku prostřednictvím některé z možných metod se vyplatí tehdy, když není možné úpravou jídelníčku ani fyzickým cvičením eliminovat tuky z konkrétních oblastí těla.

Liposukci tedy mohou podstupovat i lidé, kteří jsou poměrně hubení, ale cvičením si prostě nedokážou pomoct.

Liposukce je pak také součástí lipoabdominoplastiky, kdy pomáhá docílit opravdu vynikajících výsledků.

When can liposuction not be performed?

Before undergoing any of the types of liposuction you will have to go through a preoperative examination. This will eliminate any potential risks. These may be associated with your current health condition.

Liposuction is not recommended when it is possible to get rid of excess kilograms by adjusting the diet in combination with physical activity. Then it is necessary to take into account the current health. People with heart problems or other serious illnesses are generally not recommended for liposuction. Realistic requirements of the patient are also important. It should be emphasized that liposuction is not a weight loss method. About 1500 to 2500 ml can be removed at once.

Do you want to get rid of excess fat and can not decide whether to undergo liposuction? Order a free consultation and decide depending on the advice from our specialists.

Types of liposuction

At the PRIMED Clinic clinic, we offer several liposuction methods. We will, of course, help you with the choice and together we will find the optimal solution tailored to your needs. You can choose between a laser-assisted SlimLipo method, classic tumescent or assisted Water-Jet liposuction. How to know the ropes of these methods?

Tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is a method through which the treated site is filled with a special tumescent solution that releases the fat cells which can then be subsequently removed. The suction itself can be performed by various methods.

In standard tumescent liposuction, the area is first filled with a special anesthetic solution and that is then followed by the procedure. This is a surgery during which excess subcutaneous fat is removed through tiny holes in your skin with a thin cannula. For this procedure unlike, for example, during laser-assisted liposuction, the only doctor’s surgical tool is his/her arm.

There is certainly no need to worry about pain and complications. The entire procedure usually takes place under local anesthesia. Recovery is also very short.

Laser assisted liposuction with Slim Lipo

SlimLipo is particularly popular for the speed of the whole process, the mini-invasive character and the ability to make the skin return back to its elasticity.

The principle of this method is to fill treated areas with a tumescence solution that makes the entire area numb and helps to dissolve fat cells. A special laser cannula is then affecting first the fat cells that break up and can be easily removed and second the connective tissue in the surrounding area. Thanks to the laser-assisted liposuction, Slim Lipo returns the skin back to its elasticity and allows it for a better stretch.

Just skin stretch is a major advantage over standard tumescent liposuction, after which the skin could remain more relaxed.

Laser-assisted liposuction can be used on any body part, its effects can then be strengthened only in areas with a reduced elasticity of the skin, e.g. waist, abdomen or inner thighs.

Water-Jet liposuction

In another modern liposuction method, which is referred to as Water-Jet liposuction, high-pressure water is released into the area through a cannula, which essentially cleanses the subcutaneous fat away.

The story of Mrs. Alena: A New Beginning

I am currently 44 years old and feel like 15 years ago again. Both psychologically and particularly physically. After undergoing two pregnancies, giving birth and taking care of my two daughters for several years, I was very afraid to look into the mirror. Figuratively speaking of course. Of course, I knew of my condition, but its solution did not come any closer.

The constant efforts to change the diet in combination with the exercise in the evening, when I really had too much, did not make anything for the better. I even asked for the service of a nutritionist. But to fulfill his advice, I was missing will as well as time. But then I said that this can no longer continue.

I’d decided for liposuction. First, of course, I was afraid that it would be an extremely demanding procedure that I would not be able to manage it at my 90 kilograms and 165 centimeters. The opposite, however, was the truth. Furthermore, the first consultation with an expert at PRIMED Clinic had already made me feel comfortable. I underwent tumescent liposuction. Now, two years after the surgery, thanks to my lower body weight I do sports, I eat better (I would not want to become fat again!) and I lose more kilograms every day. Liposuction was a springboard for me to further work on myself, my body and self-confidence.

There are many clients who have experienced similar. Mrs. Alena praises our care where she can, which is the best advertisement for us. Will you try one of our methods too?

Getting ready for liposuction

The overall health of the person before the procedure is very important. You must not be suffering from any disease, you must not have skin diseases. It is also necessary to stop using blood-thinners. Pregnancy is out of the question.

You do not have to stop using your contraceptives.

The course of liposuction

The overall course of liposuction is very individual and depends mainly on the method used.

It is usually an outpatient treatment, after its performance, the patient will rest for the rest of that day and after a day or two, he/she can go to work if this is not a physically demanding job.

Postoperative course of liposuction

Sometimes a redressing is performed a day after surgery. In the days following we recommend resting to avoid swelling especially in the lower limbs. Removal of stitches, if applied, is performed approximately 14 days after the procedure.

Return to work itself is possible on the third day after surgery, provided it is not a physically demanding activity. We recommend returning to physical activities after about three weeks.

Complications after liposuction

We rarely experience complications in patients. It is worth mentioning there could appear an unevenness on the skin at the affected site. All of this is done rather quickly thanks to the recommended postoperative care, as well as appropriate massage techniques that will be explained to you at PRIMED Clinic.