Facial plastic surgery (facelift, lifting)

Facial plastic surgery (facelift)

A younger look for everyone,

without flaccid skin,

with greater self-confidence!

Aging is a natural process during which the human body is constantly changing. It may manifest in the face at a relatively young age. While some people see sagging and skin wrinkles between the forties and fifties, in others these manifestations of aging appear much earlier – often around the thirtieth year of life. This is an individual matter that is affected by a number of factors. Among other things, genes, skin type, and lifestyle. One of the ways to noticeably diminish and slow the signs of aging is facial plastic surgery (facelift, lifting).

Do you also feel you look too old for your age? Do not wait and visit us PRIMED Clinic for a free consultation. Our specialist will show you the possibilities and help you look younger!

2800 EUR

The price is based on the type of facelift and the extent of the agreed additional procedures (jowls liposuction, etc.). The exact price will be provided at a free consultation consultation. Do not hesitate and make an order!

Whom is facial sculpture (facelift, lifting) appropriate for?

Few man or woman reconcile with the natural signs of aging. Most do not tolerate the wrinkles and the flaccid skin. Especially if the appearance does not correspond to age and health.

The facial plastic surgery is suitable for anyone who is troubled by the changes in the face and wants to preserve the vital appearance. The ideal age of the patient can not generally be determined, however, the general age range is between 30 and 55 years of age. Those interested in facelift must have a good health condition. Non-smoking is an advantage but not a prerequisite. Wrinkle smoothing is appropriate for both women and men, of course.

Cause of wrinkle formation and its prevention

As the organism ages, it produces less collagen, sebum, and elastin. At the same time, the amount of water and hyaluronic acid decreases. These are the main causes of dry skin, skin cleansing and wrinkle formation. Aging is also increased by smoking, alcohol consumption, unbalanced diet and excessive exposure to sunlight. The wrinkles gradually widen and the face stops looking young.

Skin aging can be delayed by a balanced diet with an optimal amount of vitamins, enough water, minimizing unprotected sunbathing, continuous skin care with quality lotions and last but not least enough sleep.

What do we talk about during our meetings?

At the first meeting, we ask patients about their requirements and ideas. We discuss cosmetic goals with them and evaluate whether facial surgery is appropriate for them and what kind of lifting we choose (classic SMAS lifting or Aptos lifting and similar.). At the same time, we clarify what the essence of facelifting is, how the procedure works and what happens after.

It helps to bring pictures from the past – they can serve us when defining goals.

Do you want to know how much we can rejuvenate you and what are the possibilities of today's modern medicine? Come to our clinic for a free consultation, our specialists will tell you everything and suggest the optimal way to rejuvenate your face.

When can facelift not be perfomed?

A facelift cannot be performed if the patient has undergone surgery at the place of treatment in the last 3 months or within 12 months since treatment with Isotretinoin. Then during ongoing bacterial or a viral disease, or acute inflammation of the veins. Fever, hematopoietic disorders, immune system disorders and scleroderma are also undesirable.

A facelift cannot be performed on pregnant women.

Although facelifting is a routine procedure our clinic performs it only if there is not even a negligible risk of postoperative complications.

The story of Mrs. Adriana: I have become younger and recovered my self-esteem

Unhealthy lifestyle, excessive stress, genes, and sunbathing without protection. In other words, the “perfect” combination for fast aging. When I realized at the age of forty years that my ten-year-older husband looked much more vital than me, I was about to cry. There is never too late to change your life, but only experts from PRIMED Clinic helped me with my wrinkles.

I was afraid of facelifting. I had never undertaken any surgery, and I could not have imagined I would make such a decision for my appearance. After an initial consultation with a doctor, I immediately changed my mind.

I did not feel comfortable for the first few days after surgery, but there was almost no pain. And the result? My husband is frequently asked where he found his “the younger girlfriend:-)“.

Mrs. Adriana is one of the many satisfied clients to whom we have given back the lost self-esteem. You could be next!

What rules to follow before facelift?

All patients are advised to stop smoking six weeks before planned surgery to support future wound healing and scarring. Smoking also increases the risk of serious postoperative complications.

A few weeks before surgery, you should not use enzyme preparations (e.g. Wobenzym), and medicines containing acetylsalicylic acid and blood thinners should not be used (Acylpirin, Aspirin, Warfarin, Mironal, Neuralgen and others). If you are a woman, keep taking contraception, it does not matter.

Water is also very important.

How does facelift work?

Facelifting usually takes several hours. For more extensive procedures, the time may be longer. We provide patients with medication to ensure comfort throughout the operation. We commonly use local anesthesia in combination with a sitting position. General anesthesia is another option.

The incision is made from the hairline toward temples in front of the auricle, around the earlobe to the back of the ear. The resulting scar is practically not noticeable. Almost by default we perform pulling the deeper layers of the skin -so-called SMASS lifting, which can achieve a steadier and more effective stretch of the facial skin. A facelift can be combined with the extraction of fat from the chin.

The development of postoperative swelling and bruising is minimized with bandages covering incisions. The patient must not leave the clinic alone.

How long does recovery take after facelift?

After surgery, we provide patients with detailed information about postoperative care. Immediately after a facelift, we apply the dressing which must be worn by the patient exactly as instructed. The dressing is removed only for showering or wound cleaning.

The swelling is minimized when sitting and sleeping with the head resting. Common is a mild pain and discomfort, but both can be easily suppressed by medication and they disappear after 48 hours.

Swelling and bruising peak during the first 36 to 48 hours after facelift and can last for up to 14 days.