Ganglion removal

Ganglion removal

Movement without limitations,

unnecessary pain

and ugly formations!

Has something grown on your wrist, ankle or palm? It might be a so-called ganglion. Not only it is aesthetically unpleasant matter but most people are limited because of it in everyday activities. It reduces the movement of a joint, bothers with regular computer typing and other common activities. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo removal of the ganglion and get rid of it.

If you have discovered a ganglion on your body order a free consultation at PRIMED Clinic and have it removed by our specialist!

150 EUR

The price may vary depending on the chosen surgical techniques and ganglion location. Visit us at a non-binding consultation and the exact price will be given by our surgeon.

What is a ganglion?

A ganglion is a swelling that occurs around the tendons and joints, most commonly at the wrist, ankle, palms, and feet. When a growth first appears, you may feel pain, then it often does not even hurt. Mostly, it is developing over a long term. It grows and changes its chape mainly during or after exercise. It might be as big as an egg. Rarely it disappears on its own, mainly when a joint is resting and the surrounding area is not under load.

The causes of occurrence are still unknown. We can assume that they are due to long-term overloading of ligamentous structures or infections. They are not dangerous but they may limit you in your movement and they are not aesthetically pleasing. Ganglion removal is a routine procedure.

When can ganglion be removed?

Anyone, who is bothered by it, can decide to remove a ganglion. The condition is a thorough examination to make sure it really is a harmless ganglion and not a malignant tumor change of soft tissues. If a ganglion troubles you from a practical or aesthetic point of view, visit us at PRIMED Clinic. Young patients can also be operated on, we know that it often appears in six-year-old children.

When is it not possible to remove a ganglion?

A ganglion cannot be removed if you have an infectious disease, fever and similar In this case, you need to wait. Contraindications may include skin problems in the area of treatment, such as herpes.

At PRIMED Clinic, the safety and satisfaction of our clients are at the forefront, so we will not remove the ganglion (or perform any other surgery) unless we are certain that the risks are minimal.

Do you have a ganglion on your body and want to get rid of it? Visit us for a free consultation with our specialist.

The story of Alena: Surgical removal of a ganglion was helpful

I had ganglions on both wrists. The left one was managed and has not been back for a year. On the right one, it came back, so I underwent surgery. Although the doctor from PRIMED Clinic, where I went, was calming me down, I was really afraid. In forums on the Internet, I read how severe the pain is, some people said they would not undergo it for the second time. My experience was the exact opposite.

The surgery took about twenty minutes, I only had local anesthesia. Even when my hand came to, I did not feel much pain. I was much more bothered by the plaster I had to wear. Since I am right-handed, it limited me a lot. It was worth to remove it.

Are you also troubled and limited by an unsightly ganglion? Visit us and get rid of it at PRIMED Clinic!

What is the preoperative preparation like?

The basis is to make sure it is really a ganglion and not any other growth. The specialist will then explain what is awaits you and suggest the appropriate procedure for the surgery.

Usually, surgery is done outpatient in local anesthesia which is more gentle for the body. Therefore, only basic preoperative examinations are needed.

What is the course of ganglion removal?

It depends on which ganglion removal method our expert chooses. Generally, there are two ways to deal with the ganglion.

The first method is to suck the content out of the ganglion using a needle and a syringe, the second method is surgical removal. For the surgical procedure, a cut is performed and the ganglion is removed and the weakened wound is properly treated.

In both cases, however, the ganglion might grow again. Before the procedure, the patient is always properly informed about this.

How long does recovery take after ganglion removal?

After the operation, it is advisable for the limb to be resting. After surgery, you must keep it clean and in an elevated position. The area might be painful but the pain will disappear with time.

Physical activities are not recommended before the second week after the surgery, you may use it without limitations after a month.

Are there any risks?

The most common complications include postoperative bleeding. In rare cases, operative revisions are needed. You can even experience an infection which is then dealt with using antibiotics. There are also cases where patients are allergic to the medicine, anesthetics, patches, etc. but we try to find them out in advance. The risk of long-term swelling of the hand is rare. Damage to blood vessels and nerves also occurs very rarely.

You do not have to worry about complications, at PRIMED Clinic we are trying to avoid them from the beginning. We perform the surgery only on clients who are not expected to have any complications during its course. A thorough examination will take place before the procedure, our expert would reveal the contraindications.