Implant removal

Implant removal

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Augmentation or breast enlargement is therefore very often a popular procedure in recent years. Sometimes it is possible to use own fat as a filler, but the regular and still widely used method is using the implants. Normally it is necessary to change implants after their expiration, but some types of implants do not require it. However, there are situations where there is nothing more to do than to undergo implant removal. It is not a difficult procedure, removing implants is much easier than inserting them.

Do you need to have your implant removed? Visit us for a free consultation and our specialist will discuss the situation with you and help you solve it.

2400 EUR

The price varies depending on the extent of the procedure - whether the extraction of the implant is performed, or (which is more frequent) we replace it, or we shape your breasts. Order a consultation!

Why are implants removed?

Removal of the implant is performed for many reasons. We could divide them into two groups – removing without inserting a new implant and removing for the purpose of changing it for a new one. We will deal with the first case which is only about removing the filler.

Patients may choose it because of health issues. Occasionally, the implant ruptures, a breast malignant formation or implant encapsulation may occur. Other women choose to remove the implant only because of an aesthetic point of view. They do not like their shaped breasts, they think they are too big or they do not look like they used to. Even the implants are affected by gravity and do not retain the looks you wished for decades. Sometimes the woman just does not get used to her new breasts, the feeling of a foreign body in her body is not comfortable, so she rather gives up her bigger breasts.

When to remove an implant?

The removal of the implant may be recommended by your doctor. This is particularly for the case of the above-mentioned health complications. Alternatively, you can ask for it yourself.

Breast augmentation is not a simple and cheap procedure, but if you do not feel well, it will be better for you to have the implants removed.

Remember, it is unnecessary to bother yourself with breasts you do not like for the rest of your life!

When is not it appropriate?

Removing an implant is definitely not appropriate if the patient is not sure 100%. It is not good to put your body under constant stress from surgeries, breast size should not be changed mindlessly. We will not perform this intervention without a cause. If you are not sure whether to have the implant removed or not, come to PRIMED Clinic to have a free consultation and our specialist will advise you.

There are complications caused by implant removal including various diseases such as diabetes or epilepsy. During an acute illness, such as flu, you cannot be operated on, you must first recover.

Do you want to have your implant removed and are not you sure about something? Or do you only want an advice? Come to us for a non-binding consultation and you will solve everything with our specialist.

Veronika's story: Living with implants was like wearing a bad size dress

I’ve never had big breasts, and I was really troubled during my teenage years. After a few years, I realized that their size did not really matter in life, but it was still messing with my head. I was constantly thinking about what big breasts would be like, being able to afford a strapless dress, a necktie shirt, all the beautiful brassieres.

In the end, I visited one unnamed clinic for breast augmentation. The intervention itself was not so terrible, but the recovery caused a big hit. Something was constantly pushing me somewhere, my breasts were unnatural, I did not feel comfortable. The doctor told me that I would only see the final result after several months, but I did not get used to them even after a year. So I had them removed. Not at the original clinic, this time I visited PRIMED Clinic. The doctor told me that after the implant removal, my breasts would be saggy and stretched, so I agreed with their reshaping. I’m more than satisfied with the result. You may think I foolishly tossed out tens of thousands, but it was worth the money. At least I do not have to worry about what it would be like to have big breasts.

If you are displeased with your breasts after augmentation, visit us. We will work it out together, whether it is just about implant removal and new breast shaping, or replacement for a different size.

What is the preoperative preparation like?

The basis is an expert examination. He will also tell you what happens after the implant removal. You have to keep in mind that your breasts will look different. While there are implants inside, the mammary gland gets smaller and the skin is pulled. The bigger the implant is, the more the skin is pulled and the breast is saggy after being pulled. But everything varies from case to case. It depends on the size of the implant, the original breast shape, and size and the time since the augmentation was performed.

This is a less demanding procedure that is done in general anesthesia. We will need to perform a basic preoperative examination, and you cannot eat or drink for six hours before the surgery. We recommend you to stop smoking for several weeks. At the same time, stop using medicine with acetylsalicylic acid and blood thinners (Warfarin, Aspirin, Acylpyrin, Neuralgen, Mironal, and others). Do not use enzyme preparations (Wobenzym and others).

What is the implant removal like?

The removal of the implant itself is simple and takes about 30 minutes.

The incision is led at the place where the implant was inserted, no new scars will be created. The implant is removed and the wound is re-stitched.

Most patients, however, have their breasts reshaped because especially in the case of large implants, the result after extraction would not look nice. In this case, the duration of the procedure is prolonged depending on the complexity of the reshaping. The breasts will get raised a little and get firmer.

How long does recovery take after the implant removal?

Recovery after implant removal is very short. The pain is minimal and can be overcome by commonly available pain medication.

In the case of breast reshaping, your doctor will give you adequate advice and recommend the specifics of the recovery procedure.

The removal of the implant itself is, however, a fairly simple procedure, without any significant risk of major complications.

Can some complications occur anyway?

Exceptionally, complications due to anesthesia or infection of the scar may occur. But the probability is very small. The most common complication is an undesired aesthetic impression. At PRIMED Clinic, we, therefore, discuss with each patient how breasts are likely to look like after the removal of an implant, and we will offer to reshape them.