Jowls removal

Jowls removal

No more double chin,

saggy skin

and fatty jowls!

For many of us, the looks are important and so we are trying to avoid any imperfections that affect our own figure. The most obvious are the changes in the face, neck and other visible parts of the body. A typical example is the development of wrinkles, fatty or other formations, birthmarks and similar. The double chin is also an unpleasant problem. For many and not only the elderly people the jowls are very obvious. It is an unpleasant thing from the aesthetic point of view but not exactly something that can not be solved. How does this issue develop and how to get rid of it?

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800 EUR

The price varies depending on the amount of fat removed. You will learn the exact price from the surgeon at the non-binding consultation. Make an appointment right now!

What are fatty jowls and how do they develop?

The so-called double or second chin is the signature for the accumulation of skin or fat in the area under the chin. This whole part of the face then looks as if the person had two chins. Aesthetically, it is a very unpleasant matter.

The second chin appears most of the time because of aging and loosening of the skin. It gradually loses its elasticity. However, aging is not the only cause of these difficulties. Together with the natural processes of aging and loss of elasticity of the skin which causes a double chin, there are genetic predispositions, and overweight and the accumulation of fat in this area. The procedure then depends on the nature of the cause.

The options to remove the jowls

There are several methods of removing the jowls, all depending mainly on nature and the reasons for its occurrence. We can generally discuss two methods – liposuction and facelift (necklift).

If your skin is still relatively elastic, sucking out excess fat from your jowls is enough. Liposuction is used for that. The fat is sucked out with a cannula through a cut of approximately 1 cm in diameter. There is only a tiny scar left. As for the amount, there is usually about 100 to 200 ml of fat sucked out. The area is fixed with a special elastic bandage right after surgery.

If the situation is such that a double chin is caused by the loss of skin elasticity, there will be a plastic surgery required which we may perform at our clinic. It is a so-called facelift or necklift. Both fat and flaccid skin will be removed. It will stay in the place after stretching of the skin. This is not a difficult and severe procedure.

When we do not perform jowls removal?

Extremely important for you is the consultation with our specialist. The doctor will recommend which method of removing the jowls to choose and whether the desired effect can be achieved. Plastic surgery can not be performed for people who have received Isotretinoin treatment in the last year or have undergone surgery at the same location in the last 3 months.

You also have to be completely healthy. The problem could also be a seemingly trite influenza infection. The surgery cannot be performed during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or epilepsy.

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Jirka's story: I finally have the right face

Unfortunately, time is powerful and can destroy everything that looked nice in the past. That is exactly how I can characterize my situation. I certainly never imagined in even my worst nightmares that I could have saggy jowls at my 48 years of age. But it happened anyway. Unfortunately, even the looks of other people were unpleasant, not to mention the talks. That’s why I decided to get rid of my double chin.

Of course, I was afraid, but at PRIMED Clinic I immediately calmed down and had everything explained about the treatment associated with the removal of this deficiency.

Today, some 6 weeks after surgery, I feel perfect. Although I can not have a physically stressful work as I was previously used to, the result is worth it and I can wait for a few weeks.

Do you suffer from unpleasant feelings because of your double chin as well? Then visit us at PRIMED Clinic and have your problem solved. Jitka has got the joy of life back and she is not afraid to go to outside anymore.

What is the preoperative preparation like?

First, our specialist will tell you all the information that is connected with the procedure. The examination will be performed and such will provide that there will not be any potential risks. For the first few weeks before the surgery, it is necessary to stop using some medicine, including among others Warfarin, Aspirin, Mironal, Neuralgen and many others. Smokers are recommended to limit their bad habit for at least a few weeks. As with any other interventions in general anesthesia you must not eat or drink for six hours before the surgery.

How does the jowls removal work?

The length of the intervention depends on the chosen method of saggy jowls removal. Jowls liposuction can usually be performed in local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure, a more complicated procedure like necklift or facelift may take about 2-3 hours and are usually performed in general anesthesia with a hospital stay at the clinic.

Both methods can be combined. It always depends on the individual case.

The length of recovery and possible complications

The length of the recovery depends on the chosen method of the jowls correction, after liposuction the length of recovery and postsurgical regimen is the same as with any other kind of liposuction see. liposuction.

When it comes to necklift or facelift it is important to keep resting after surgery to minimize the development of swelling and keep the right positioning, head orientation during sleep. Sutures are removed 2-3 weeks after surgery.

Concerning complications, each surgery carries a certain degree of risk. Although it is minimal. You actually have nothing to worry about. As with other surgeries, the wound location may experience infections causing worse healing or development of more serious bruising.