Lip augmentation with own fat (autoaugmentation of the lips)

Lip augmentation with own fat

Desired full lips

and a beautiful smile

without worries!

The face probably has the biggest impact on what the first impression is. Eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth, everything plays its part. There is no doubt that, as far as the mouth is concerned, there are more fuller shapes popular. Due to the aging process, the fullness of the lips decrease and the person then has the impression of having a fierce personality. What can be done about this? The owners of narrow lips do not have to give up. There are several ways to conjure up full lips, and one of them is lip enlargement with own fat (autoaugmentation of lips).

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The price varies depending on the extent of the procedure and the amount of fat introduced. Visit us for a free consultation at which we tell you the exact cost. Make an appointment now!

What actually is autoaugmentation?

Autoaugmentation of lips is a technique during which lips are filled with the body’s own fat. It is often used to fill the lower lip, but it can also help the upper lip. Of course, hyaluronic acid can also be used as filling material.

Fat is easily absorbed over time, but that can also be considered an advantage. Many patients, who have lip augmentation done for the first time, are surprised with the result and eventually appreciate that some fat disappears and lips are not so pronounced.

Whom is lip augmentation with own fat for?

It does not matter if your lips are common or your face is adorned with a really narrow line that gives an impression of a fierce expression. To help create Hollywood stars looks and a fuller shape, we will help you at PRIMED Clinic.

Of course, our specialist always discusses how much fat to apply to your lips to make them look natural. Still, patients are sometimes unpleasantly surprised. However, for lip augmentation with own fat, it is not a big problem, lips will gradually decrease in size through partial absorption of the applied fat.

Whom is the autoaugmentment of lips not appropriate?

Above all, you will need to have a place to take the fat from. By default, it is sucked out of the abdomen or thighs. If you are very lean, we will recommend another method of lip augmentation.

We do not perform augmentation for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Contraindications also include various diseases and infections near the lips, such as herpes. Our goal is primarily your safety and satisfaction, so we will not operate on you unless we are sure that we have ensured the best for both of us.

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Eliška's story: Finally I do not look so fierce

I had never had big full lips. I had to avoid distinctive color lipsticks that only drew attention to my imperfect mouth. I hated it. That’s why I decided to do something about it in my adulthood. At PRIMED Clinic, the doctor recommended my lips to be enlarged with my own fat, that the effect is gradually absorbed and I will see if I like to have my lips full at all.

The fat was sucked out of my stomach, but it wasn’t obvious at all. On the first day after the procedure, I was really scared of what I was looking like, but it was the fault of swelling. As soon as it disappeared, I was very satisfied with my new mouth. I stopped having a fierce expression, which was my narrow lips’ fault, and finally, I can wear a distinct color lipstick. I notice that the fat is gradually being absorbed, and I’m already planning to return for a refill. This is what I like the most – the filler is delivered gradually so I can decide for myself how much I want.

Do you also want to have your lips full? Autoautomation of lips is a modern method, which makes you change looks in just an hour spent in our clinic.

What is the preoperative preparation like?

The basis is a consultation with a physician. He will discuss with you how much you want to enlarge your lips and evaluate where it will be appropriate to extract your fat. He will explain to you, what will be happening during the surgery and what precautions will be necessary to follow after it. Then you will just have to schedule a date.

The procedure is most common in local anesthesia, but overall anesthesia is possible depending on the extent of the procedure. However, we will always need a preoperative examination to avoid any complications. For a few weeks before the surgery, it is necessary to give up on smoking, to stop using medicine containing acetylsalicylic acid, blood thinners (Warfarin and others) and enzyme preparations(e.g. Wobenzym). In the case of a procedure performed in general anesthesia, do not eat, drink, definitely do not consume alcohol for six hours before the procedure.

What is the lip augmentations with own fat like?

Lip augmentation with own fat (lip autoaugmentation) is not a complicated procedure. First, fat is removed from a specific location on your body. The location will be disinfected and anesthetized with an injection or lotion. Thin needle or cannula is used to suck out the fat. It is not going to be noticeable, the amount of filler is really small, so do not have to worry about the saggy skin on your belly.

The lip is then numbed, the removed fat is cleared and applied to the lips. The entire procedure does not last long, usually, it is done within an hour or an hour and a half.

How long is the recovery?

After treatment, it is common for minor swelling and bruising to appear. Sometimes women feel as if there was something throbbing in their lips. However, these symptoms will usually disappear within the next day or within a few days.

Recovery is very short, it takes about two to three days. Pain is minimal.

It is good to avoid sunshine, sunbathing, sauna, cool temperatures and great physical exertion during the first two days, other limitations practically cannot be expected. If you are uncomfortable going to work with bruises, take a day or two off.

Can any complications occur?

Perhaps the only common complications are bruises, redness, and swelling, but they will disappear. We almost do experience other issues. The body accepts its own fat very well.

Client’s dissatisfaction with the result could be considered a complication. We will do our best to make the result look natural, but if you wish to apply more filling than the doctor recommends, your lips might look too big.

During the first days, clients actually see their lips as being too large, but their lips are slightly swollen after the procedure itself and the fat will also get absorbed a bit, so you should not worry. The time it will take for the absorption depends on the age, lifestyle, mimicry, metabolism and other factors.