Lip enlargement (lip augmentation)

Lip enlargement

Beautiful and full lips

with a perfect shape

and without worries!

Seductive and full lips are considered a symbol of femininity and they are wanted by almost all women. For someone who really has them, the right chosen lipstick is enough and just tempting for a kiss. Unfortunately, there are also opposite cases where the woman has rather thin lips instead of full lips. Little pronounced lips, of course, do not prevent a full life, but for a lot of women, it’s an aesthetic problem. In this case, worrying is not in place. A slight lip augmentation procedure solves the problem and you can be happy with your smile.

Are your tiny lips causing you troubles? Then it is time to order a free consultation at PRIMED Clinic. Thanks to our experts, you will finally enjoy your lips!

350 EUR

The price varies depending on the amount of material used. Order a free consultation during which you will be told the exact cost!

What is Lip enlargement (lip augmentation)?

Augmentation of lips or lip enlargement is based on inserting an implant or any other filler material. The result is more pronounced, full lip, while sometimes it may be introduced into one lip and other times into both of them. The reason must not necessarily only be the wish to have full lips but also a congenital asymmetry. It happens that someone has one lip full and the other one thin. In such a case, the asymmetry can even be balanced by the filling of only one of the lips.

The aim of lip augmentation is definitely not to give the patient an artificial expression. We select the size of the filler material for the result to be natural. However, of course, we choose the size you desire. Everyone has a different taste and it is important for us that the patient is satisfied in the end.

What fillings can help your lips?

To enlarge the lips we use three different filling materials:

  • hyaluronic acid which is a clear gel,
  • own fat which is well accepted by the body,
  • PermaLip, permanent implant.

We can not say which method is the best. They all have their pros and cons, choose on the basis of professional consultation. It should be noted that the lip fullness effect may not be permanent, the filler may be absorbed gradually. It is possible to undergo the intervention again.

When will the lip fill help?

Lip filling may be recommended to anyone who is not happy with their mouth looks. Using augmentation, we can model your lips to improve the shape of a thin mouth and return your youthful looks. We can also correct various asymmetries, whether inborn or a result of an injury, and low corners. You will feel more confident, more beautiful and more attractive.

The procedure is short and a lot of satisfied women can tell you that it is worthwhile. Do not worry about big lips. Our experts will help you choose the size of the implant (lip enlargement PermaLip) or the amount of filler (enlargement with hyaluronic acid or lip enlargement with own fat) so that you do not lose its natural looks.

If you are not satisfied with your lips, do not hesitate to come to a non-binding consultation with our specialist.

Whom do we not augment their lips?

Lip augmentation is a relatively simple procedure, but we do not perform it for pregnant women or people with a serious illness. Contraindications include inflammation and infections around the mouth. We can not perform the augmentation, for example, if you have herpes.

Kristýna's story: I've tried everything to have fuller lips

Nature gave me narrow lips. They might be nice to someone, but they did not really suit me. From the time of my adolescence, I tried to fight it. I tried different makeup techniques, I painted wider lips, but the effect was not the way I imagined. Then I read about the possibilities of lip augmentation on the Internet.

At one unnamed clinic, I tested a hyaluronic acid filling, but my lips were full for only a few months. Then I went for more I was satisfied with the result, but I did not want to go to fill them regularly. So I went to PRIMED Clinic with the vision of a more permanent solution. I was recommended a PermaLip implant, the doctor was very helpful and advised me the right size. Thanks to it, my lips look natural.

Do you have experience with lip fillers like Christina, or are you just thinking about it? Visit us for a consultation, we will figure out a solution. Even you can have beautiful full lips.

What is the preoperative preparation like?

Your doctor will tell you about the procedure you choose and explain the procedure and the post-operative guidelines. This is a simple procedure performed in local anesthesia.

You should not smoke before surgery, it is correct to stop using blood thinning medication containing acetylsalicylic acid and enzyme preparations. On the day of the procedure, clean your face and do not use makeup.

What is the enlargement of the lips (lip augmentation) like?

It all depends on what method is chosen.

For fat augmentation with own fat, fat is removed from the designated site and after treatment, it is applied with a thin cannula into the lips. Similarly, it is performed with hyaluronic acid, which is also applied with a thin needle or a small cannula. For PermaLip implants, two small incisions on the sides of the lip are made, the implant is placed in the center and the holes are sewn with an absorbable thread.

In all cases, local anesthesia is, of course, applied as a lotion or injection.

How long does the recovery take?

Recovery after enlargement of the lips is not dramatic. After the procedure, you can go home, but you must keep your resting. For the first two days, you need to consume more liquid food so you do not have to chew too much and open your mouth wide.

Swelling and bruising may occur but disappear within a week. Pain is common, but its intensity is individual. In addition to pain medication, it helps to apply ice. Never, however, place the ice directly on your mouth.

In the first days to weeks after the treatment, lips look different than they will look at the final stage. They are swollen and therefore usually larger. As time passes, the swelling disappears, for some methods a part of the filler is absorbed, so the lips are a bit smaller and more natural in the end.

Can some complications occur?

Almost not. Swelling and pain are normal in the first days. Infection occurs exceptionally and other problems too. The patient may feel a throbbing of the lip or observe changes in sensitivity. All these are temporary problems.

Finally, if the patient is not satisfied with the result, the shape of the lips may be changed even after the procedure. The implant may be exchanged for a smaller or bigger one, hyaluronic acid and fat itself get absorbed with time or more may be added.