Lipofilling of the face

Lipofilling of the face

A beautiful face without wrinkles,

full lips or more beautiful chin

thanks to your own fat!

Have you ever told yourself that it would be great if excess fat was taken and transferred where it was needed? You see, and today it is possible. Apart from adjusting the breasts with your own fat, there is also an increase in the popularity of facial lipofilling that can be used to remove wrinkles without coming into contact with foreign substances like botox. Also, there are also lips, circles under eyes and cheeks filled with it. Do you like this uncomplicated appearance enhancement? Then read more about lipofilling of the face.

Using fat from troublesome areas to improve the looks of your face sounds too good? Visit us for a free consultation and our specialists will explain what possibilities can our clinic and modern medicine offer you.

1600 EUR

The price depends on the amount of fat applied and the size of the site being corrected. Order a non-binding consultation where our surgeon the tell you the exact price!

What is the lipofilling of the face?

It’s a fat injection in the face area, which precedes sucking out of your own fat with a cannula – mostly from the abdomen, just like during liposuction. Fat is a high-quality filler material that has one huge advantage: Organic material is coming from your body. It is a great alternative to the application of Botox or hyaluronic acid for those people who, for some reason, are afraid to accept a substance that is not from their own body.

If you choose your fat as a filler, there is no allergic reaction. The fat is partially absorbed with time, but that what remains will last for long. Unlike Botox or Hyaluronic Acid fillers, you do not have to undergo the procedure every six months.

Whom is the lipofilling of the face for?

The procedure is intended for men and women without age limitation, but it is normally performed after the 40th year of age when the skin loses its elasticity. It’s a good option for anyone who wants to refill different parts of the face (wrinkles, skin drops under the eyes, cheeks, lips), and prefers the body’s own filling material.

A pre-requisite is a certain fat supply to remove fat from other body parts, mostly from the abdomen or thighs or hips.

When may the lipofilling not be done?

There are not many contraindications for lipofilling – even civilization diseases such as increased blood pressure do not matter. However, we do not perform this for patients with a blood coagulation disorder.

In patients with diabetes, facial lipofilling may be ineffective because the transferred fat cells die.

In the case of increasing lip volume, we do not apply the filler if an infection is there in the form of herpes or aphtha.

Furthermore, lipofilling cannot be performed unless there is enough fat to move.

Are you interested in the opportunity to combine the treatment of problematic parts of the body and face enhancement? Come to a free consultation. Our experts will advise you and help you choose the best course of action.

Katka's story: I finally got rid of circles under my eyes!

Whoever suffers from them will certainly confirm that circles under the eyes are one of the most serious cosmetic problems. I had them on my face since puberty, and even when I slept as long as I could, it did not make any difference. I fight them my whole life with various lotions and correctors, for which I have already spent tons of money, but the circles are not completely covered. I was completely unhappy with them, feeling like I was old, tired and dowdy. For a long time, I thought there was no help for circles under my eyes until I discovered an article on lipofilling on the Internet.

I admit that I am a bit afraid of the surgery, but this method was interesting to me because it did not seem too radical. I looked at the photos of some interventions and I was surprised that the result looked really good and natural. So I decided to go for it too. At the PRIMED clinic they explained to me in advance what was to be expected, and after that, the remaining fear was gone. Three months have passed since the surgery and I can say that I’m excited about the result. For the first time in my life, I enjoy walking without a dash of make-up, and I feel like I’m starting to behave more confidently. I hope it will last for me.

Circles under your eyes can actually make you look older and tired – just like wrinkles and narrow lips. Like Katka, you can easily get rid of them with a simple procedure, which will be done with great care at PRIMED Clinic.

What can you expect before lipofilling of the face?

The procedure, such as lipofilling of the face (ie filling with your own fat), should be preceded by a consultation with a surgeon who will decide whether the method is suitable for you.

You will also talk about why you want to undergo the procedure and you will also undergo a regular pre-surgery examination. Your doctor will make sure you do not suffer from any skin infections. Your safety and satisfaction with the result is our first priority.

How does lipofilling of the face work?

Lipofilling of the face is performed in both local and general anesthesia, depending on the extent of the procedure itself. In the first phase, the plastic surgeon removes fat using a special cannula. The fat must then be centrifuged and cleaned. Only then it is injected into the designated locations.

Prior to removing the fat, the place is cooled for 15 minutes, the process itself takes about an hour. As part of the fat is absorbed, it is recommended to repeat it after several months so that the results are permanent.

What can I expect from the procedurre?

Since facial swelling may occur after lipolifting, cooling is very important in the post-treatment stage. You should also pay attention to where the fat was removed. Do not leave it stuck with a patch and do not try to scratch it for a few days.

Recovery at home is not necessary, you can go back to work on the next day. However, you must expect that partial swelling may still persist. For one week after surgery, reduce physical movement and physical activity.

Are there any risks?

Each procedure carries the risk of certain complications. Lipofilling of the face certainly does not cause hard to your health, from a cosmetic point of view, in minority cases, little problems may occur.

The most common problem is uneven fat absorption when treating both sides of the face, exceptionally, fat may get encapsulated.