Liposuction of mons veneris

Liposuction of mons veneris

More attractive pubic area

and greater self-confidence

without unnecessary shyness!

There are not just breasts and belly or thighs that many women are bothered by. Self-confidence might be broken by even a seemingly inconspicuous problem connected to the pubic area. A typical example would be mons veneris which is what many women are ashamed of. Fortunately, we can already solve this problem thanks to a simple procedure in the form of liposuction of mons veneris.

If you also belong among the women who are suffering from this problem secretly, do not shy and order a non-binding consultation at PRIMED Clinic where you will solve your problem discretely and quickly with our specialists!

1 000 EUR

The cost of the procedure depends on the amount of fat taken. The exact price will be provided at a free consultation. Do not hesitate and make an order!

The causes of the occurance of the raised mons veneris

Mons pubis, or mons veneris in Latin, is a ridge above the vulva. It resembles an elevated geometric shape of a triangle, and that is why it is called mons. In most women, of course, it is gently uplifted, but sometimes there is an extreme elevation, which is caused by accumulated fat. Its layer is, of course, different for each woman, sometimes the ridge can reach to the area of the lower abdomen.

What causes this kind of situation? Above all, it comes from genetic factors, as well as storing fat in the body. It does not have to be stored evenly and that leads to the fact that mons veneris has larger quantities of it. Otherwise, it may also be the result of abdominal or lower abdominal surgery. Typical surgeries include, for example, cesarean section or abdominal wall plastic surgery.

When may liposuction of mons veneris help?

Liposuction of mons veneris is in its basis the only option how to make it into a normal size. Even by exercising or adhering to a diet regimen, the problem can not be avoided.

There is no need to worry, the liposuction of mons veneris is not a difficult procedure. If we perform it, you can be sure that the results will be quick and lasting.

We perform is as a part of abdominal liposuction and separately. It depends, of course, on your wishes and also on the results of the initial examination. Make an appointment with us for a free consultation and you will know exactly what to expect.

When may liposuction of mons veneris not be performed?

Sucking out excess fat from the mons veneris area cannot be implemented if the ridge is not caused by excess fat but by bone. It happens to women who have undergone some weight loss program and their weight has been reduced relatively quickly and on a large scale. The elevation, therefore, is formed by the bone foundation and not a fat layer.

At the time of the procedure, you must not have a cold or suffer from herpes. Any illness could contribute to subsequent complications, which, of course, we do not want. If you are taking any medicine, you will need to announce it to our specialist in advance.

Are you worried about asymmetries in the pubic area? Do you want to know how to correct this unpleasant problem? Order for a free consultation!

Beáta's story: I do not have to be ashamed of myself or in front of my husband

I have never had problems in the pubic area. Basically, they did not appear until after I decided to radically get rid of extra weight. I did not really deal with such a thing before, but every woman just likes to be liked.

My weight loss was progressive smoothly which left even me to wonder. I was very grateful for it. Over time, I lost all the kilograms one by one. But once I looked into the mirror, I came across discrepancies in my pubic area. My mons veneris was protruding a lot. I thought it would gradually disappear, or the lump would disappear thanks to exercising.

But the time passed and everything remained the same. I, therefore, consulted my gynecologist, who quickly refuted my guesses. She recommended liposuction of mons veneris. The surgery was done at PRIMED Clinic. Everything was without any complications. In addition, everyone was so nice to me even before the surgery, which I was very afraid of. I got reassured and I can safely say that today I would not be afraid anymore.

Beata is happy today and she confides that she has already rid herself of any shame even in front of her husband. We liked to help her and we will gladly provide our services to you as well.

Preoperative preparation

Liposuction is performed either in general or local anesthesia. If you have to undergo the intervention in general anesthesia, you must not eat and drink for 6 hours before it. You will also need to undergo preoperative examinations similarly as with other procedures.

It is also necessary for you to remove hair in the area.

The course of liposuction of mons veneris

This procedure works in the same way as liposuction of other areas. A big advantage is only a simpler and shorter recovery, fat is sucked out of a very small part of the female body. If it is done in local anesthesia, the procedure takes only a few minutes.

Tiny cannulae will be introduced into the areas and thanks to our experienced specialist, a precise result will be ensured. Creation of new fat cells will never happen again.

Recoveryand possible complications

You do not at all have to worry about the postoperative course. For local anesthesia, you will be able to leave immediately after the procedure. If the recovery regards for general anesthesia, you will leave your clinic after 2 days. It is important to wear elastic knickers to effectively help the healing.

Liposuction of mons veneris is overwhelmingly performed without any complications. Small bruises may appear in the fat extraction area, but they disappear quickly. Rarely, wound inflammation may occur.

Basically, there is no need to worry at all. The procedure is completely safe and gentle.