Sclerotherapy of varicose veins (sclerotherapy)

Sclerotherapy of varicose veins

No more pain,

unsightly legs

and low self-esteem!

Varicose veins, also called the varices, are unsightly widespread stretches of surface veins on the legs. They are suffered by such a large percentage of people that they are nowadays considered a civilization disease. They affect roughly half the population of developed countries to varying degrees and they get worse with age, after the sixtieth year of age it is every second person that has them. But if you can not wear skirts or shorts because of these unpleasant veins and pain starts to develop, the fact that you are not alone does not help. Women tend to be bothered by the varicose veins likely than men, moreover, they often occur during pregnancy. Fortunately, there is no reason to delay the skirt forever, it is already possible to solve this problem, for example with sclerotherapy of varicose veins.

If you do not want to hide your legs or want to get rid of the pain caused by your varicose veins, order a free consultation at PRIMED Clinic. Our specialist will help you find the solution!

CZK 2,000

The price varies depending on the amount of medical material applied and the extent of the treated area. Order a free consultation and during which you will be told the exact cost!

What actually is sclerotherapy?

To get rid of the varicose veins while avoiding regular surgery, sclerotherapy is a method you should definitely try. Because it promises up to 80% reduction of spider veins and varices.

It is a method of application to remove varices, which is based on a special agent thanks to which the veins are made to correct themselves. The substance causes chemical damage that results in non-infectious local inflammation. What follows is varicose veins breakdown and their absorption. Compression also plays an important role in the procedure – after the procedure, the patient wears a compression bandage for several weeks. Its purpose is to prevent the return of blood to the treated veins, thereby ensuring that the problem does not come back.

When will sclerotherapy of varicose veins help you?

This method is particularly suitable for the treatment of surface spider varicose veins, the size of which ranges from 1 to 8 mm.

Patients for whom the surgical method is not suitable or do not want it for some reason are most commonly undergoing it.

Sclerotherapy may also be undergone as an addition to the surgery for an even better effect. If you are bothered by spider veins or varicose veins, do not hesitate and try it. Improvement is guaranteed with a bandage.

When may sclerotherapy of varicose veins not be performed?

Although it is not a method of surgery, there are some cases where sclerotherapy cannot be performed. Your doctor will therefore first examine you and see if it is suitable for you.

Contraindications include some health problems, particularly infectious lower limb inflammation and blood clotting disorders. It is also not performed for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

When it comes to age, there is no limitation; the procedure is also available to elderly people if they are still active. However, it is not recommended for girls under the age of 20 whose physical development is not yet over.

Are you suffering from leg ache or unsightly varicose veins? Order a non-binding consultation with our specialist and find a solution together.

First aid for varicose veins

The first step in alleviating the symptoms of varicose veins should be to reduce the load on the venous system. That is why special bandages or compression stockings to relieve and prevent the spread of these veins are worn.

Pharmacology offers treatment in the form of a variety of lotions and tablets. Locally applicable preparations are based on heparin, they prevent blood clotting and alleviate pain and swelling. Internally used drugs, venotonics, reduce the tension of venous walls and improve blood circulation.

Unfortunately, these methods are not working on already existing varices. You should not give up on them, but for beautifully smooth legs you will have to be put in the surgeon’s care.

The story of Jane: Varicose veins are my family legacy, but I refused that

Both my mother and grandmother suffered from varicose veins. I was hoping that this problem would avoid me, but I had found the first vein before my twenty-five birthday. I do not have a poor diet, I do not have children, so it has seemed to be unfair to me. Whenever the summer came, I felt horrible among the people of my age – no one else had to think if they would need to wear leggings or trousers in their thirties.

Everything changed after I read an article on sclerotherapy in a magazine for women. I did not want to undergo surgery purely because of the cosmetic reasons, but it looked promising and undemanding. I visited PRIMED Clinic for consultation and in the spring I underwent a procedure. Though I did not like to wear the stockings, the whole process was just a little unpleasant, and in the summer I no longer worried about going to the pool. And it did not cost so much! I’m sure the varicose veins will appear in my life again, and I’m ready to have the treatment again.

Sclerotherapy is really not a difficult procedure, and like it helped Jana, it can help you not to be ashamed at the pool, in a skirt or shorts.

How does sclerotherapy of varicose veins work?

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical treatment that you do not even have to worry about. Enter the surgery in loose clothes, it will be important for a bandage later.

The doctor will inject the solution into the affected veins with small needles, which will make the vein walls stick. He lets it do its work, the veins gradually absorb themselves and stop being visible.

Using short skirts sounds really simple, don’t you agree?

What to do after the procedure?

You will only get a lasting effect of sclerotherapy of varicose veins if you are bandaging your legs at least for 2 – 6 weeks. How long will be required in your case? The doctor will tell you based on the extent of the procedure and the severity of the problem.

Immediately after the treatment, you will get a compression bandage that you can not take off for three days. For the rest of the recovery, you will wear compression stockings only every other day. It is best to put them on right after waking up and leave them on until you have a bath in the evening.

Can complications be expected after sclerotherapy?

There are no serious medical complications for sclerotherapy, but cosmetic difficulties may occur. These include the formation of hematomas and pigmentation spots on the skin, which have caused for some time a reduction of the popularity of this method.

With the development of ultrasound and other advanced technologies, complications occur less and less often, so sclerotherapy has become more common again.

It may just be annoying for you to wear those stockings – so it is also recommended not to have the procedure done in the middle of summer but from autumn to spring.