Tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction

Get rid of unnecessary fat,

enhance your figure

and self-esteem!

Most of the population is struggling with excess fat during their lives. Especially for women, fat often stores in the body parts like abdomen, hips, and thighs, but even for men, these problems are not an exception. Nor is it the rule that fat must be in these places. For example, some people are bothered by fat gathering the chest or arm areas. Occasionally it holds there so firmly that healthy eating and enough movement are not enough to get rid of it. It is for this case particularly that the classic tumescent liposuction is popular.

Of course, it is best if it is possible to get rid of excess fat on your own, but often it is not possible. And liposuction can help in these situations. Pay a visit to our clinic for a free consultation and our specialist will advise you on which liposuction method to choose for the optimal results.

800 EUR

The price of the procedure is determined by the location of the treated site and extent of the procedure. The exact price will be provided at a free consultation. Do not hesitate and make an order!

What is tumescent liposuction?

For years this has been a proven procedure during which fat is sucked out with a thin cannula. Today this traditional method of liposuction is completely safe, does not cause any significant scars and can be used practically for any area. Of course, it is suitable not only for women but also for men. In some cases, it is also used for fat removal from male breasts.

Because the procedure is performed in local anesthesia, recovery is very rapid and patients manage it well.

When is tumescent liposuction appropriate?

Tumescent liposuction is suitable for almost any area, whether it is typically problematic, like belly, hips, outer and inner thighs or arms, jowls The procedure is performed for persons in good physical and psychological condition. It helps patients who have fat in some parts of the body and cannot get rid of it despite all efforts. This typically happens to women after childbirth.

If you suffer from excess fat, it is always necessary to consult a specialist. When you visit us at PRIMED Clinic we will discuss everything needed with you and then schedule the appropriate fat reduction method in the desired area.

When can it not be performed?

Tumescent liposuction is definitely not a way to get rid of obesity. Obese people cannot have liposuction done, first, they have to lose weight. Sometimes, the vision of the procedure becomes such a motivation that people actually lose even ten or more kilos in order to have it done. That is how it should work. Liposuction is the way to remove fat from the areas which most trouble you, not a chance to change your whole figure.

Tumescent liposuction is not performed for pregnant women, people who are treated with heart disease, diabetes, lungs, liver disease, etc.. In such cases, the intervention can not actually be done, we do not make exceptions. We are primarily concerned about your safety, we will not get into risky treatments. Any potential contraindications that you do not know about will surface during the preoperative examination.

If you have a body part where you can not get rid of excess fat, visit us for a non-binding consultation and our specialist will advise you on which liposuction method to choose for the best results.

Vendula's story: Even a mother of three wants to be pretty!

After many weeks of searching for information, I decided to visit PRIMED Clinic. I was afraid of the liposuction, but I was also afraid of another summer spent worrying about how I look in my swimsuit. Actually, a friend of mine, who had fat sucked out of her thighs, pushed me a little. I was bothered by a bigger belly after several childbirths, exercises did not help, and neither did the diets. It was simply the fat that I could not burn.

I underwent a procedure in January, which I recommend to everyone. It was not a problem for me to wear compression clothes, actually, it was nicely warm. I’m so glad they helped me at the clinic when it comes to my schedule. I have three children, I could not afford to be away for several days. On the day of the procedure, I went home and could work normally. I enjoyed my summer in swimsuits and t-shirts.

Do not allow fat to restrict your life, as was the case with Vendula. Come to PRIMED Clinic and we may find the right solution together.

What is the preparation for the procedure like?

Each patient must undergo a preoperative examination to avoid unnecessary complications. We need information about blood clotting, allergic symptoms, used drugs and similar. We will not operate on a patient with the flu to make the most for his or her safety. Skin diseases such as acne, eczema and skin mold are also the reason for a delay.

After you come to have the surgery, you will get comfortable, and you may also have photos taken. If you do not want to have a picture taken at the clinic, do it at home at least. Before and after the procedure comparison is really interesting and you will see it best on two side-by-side photos.

Then a drawing is done in the liposuction area, you will change clothes and go for it. Fear is now quite normal, though unreasonable. Tumescent liposuction is a very common procedure with which we at PRIMED Clinic have extensive experience.

What is tumescent liposuction like?

Tumescent liposuction is performed in local anesthesia, ie conscious, only the treated area is numbed. A special solution is introduced with a thin needle into a drawn up location. That makes the entire area numb and helps to dissolve fat cells. A liposuction cannula is introduced and sucking the fat from under the skin through a few small injections. It takes about an hour to two, depending on the part treated and the amount of fat. For example, abdominal liposuction usually takes an hour and a half.

Small injections are now sewn, they will gradually close up, no scars will be left behind. Once the surgery is complete, you should keep resting on a bed, but nothing prevents you from going home on the same day. Everything is very fast.

How long does recovery take after liposuction?

Treatments performed in local anesthesia are gentler for the body, tumescence liposuction is very fast, safe and trouble-free overall. Approximately five days after the surgery, you should keep your resting, you should avoid challenging sports for about a month.

There are basically two limitations for you. For about two weeks, you should only shower, avoid bathing until the tiny skin wounds get healed. It is also necessary to wear compression clothes. During the first 24 hours after the procedure, it should not be taken off and it will become your companion for two to six weeks. You should also not sunbathe or visit the solarium for a few weeks.

Can any complications occur?

There is swelling, infections or unevenness on the skin. Of course, we strive to prevent these unwanted results. Occasionally, the treated area is more sensitive for several months, but over time it gets all better. Wounds heal within a few weeks. Then you will see the full effect of the procedure, so we recommend that patients undertake it from autumn to spring to enjoy the summer, and they do not have to hide before the sun and sweat in compression clothes.