Wrinkle removal and rejuvenation of the skin

Wrinkle removal and rejuvenation of the skin

A beautiful face again

with no loose skin

and deep wrinkles!

With increasing age and gradual aging, skin on the face is loosening and starts the natural wrinkle formation. The time when we start experiencing the signs of aging varies, it is most often between thirty and fifty years of age. This process is heavily influenced by hereditary dispositions, professions, stress, various illnesses, or the excess of sunlight we often come into contact with. Fortunately, there are various methods of wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation that resolve the problem of aging or at least stop it for a while.

The Clinic of Plastic Surgery PRIMED Clinic in Ostrava offers a wide range of interventions, depending on your vision and physical options, which will help you regain your lost self-esteem and youthful appearance. So come to us for a free consultation!

150 EUR

The price depends on the chosen procedures and the extent of the rejuvenation. Come to us for a free consultation and together we will find the optimal solution tailored to your chosen budget.

How can wrinkles be removed?

Today, both women and men are keen to stop the aging process and look the best. Especially women want to look really good, particularly when they are in high positions and move around the society where they have to face great criticism regarding their appearance.

Aging cannot be stopped, but we can dampen its influence. Premature aging is not only affected by genetics and lifestyle, but also some illnesses that have been treated in the patient. At PRIMED Clinic, we are looking for a way to suppress these symptoms with some of the rejuvenating treatments or cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery clinics in general face ever-increasing demand for increasingly popular anti-age medicine, where, alongside the trend in healthy lifestyle guidance, they seek to apply methods that can influence human genetic makeup.

As a precaution to preserve the youthful appearance is generally considered a healthy lifestyle, modification of eating habits and overall lifestyle improvement with the exclusion of all pollutants and toxins but sometimes even these measures are not sufficient. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to undergo more or less invasive procedures to resolve the problem of deep wrinkle formation.

How to choose the right wrinkle removal method?

Nowadays, more and more people of middle and advanced age choose from a wide range of plastic surgery treatments. Based on their position in life, lifestyle, demands, and appearance requirements, it resolves the issue of aging skin and tries to find a way to stop this process.

There is an interest not only in lower eyelid surgery and upper eyelid surgery but also in the removal of wrinkles with Botox, wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid etc. Aging can be alleviated by pulling and stretching the skin in the face with the so-called lifting or facelift.

If you come to our Plastic Surgery Clinic for rejuvenation and wrinkle removal, after a thorough examination of your skin and health condition, we will recommend the best method that will be most effective for you. We offer a simple operation of the eyelids and forehead, the midface procedure, during which our surgeons adjust the drop of the face or perform a complete facelift with the area of the neck and lower jaw being rejuvenated too.

Applying botox is right for you when:

  • you have wrinkles around your eyes, forehead, and eyebrows,
  • you suffer especially with facial wrinkles (caused, for example, by laughing, scowling, wrinkling of your forehead),
  • you are interested in preventing the appearance of further wrinkles or worsening of the existing ones.

Choose Hyaluronic Acid or other filling material if:

  • you need to fill nasolabial grooves,
  • you have an issue with circles under your eyes,
  • most of your wrinkles are static or too deep to be compensated with limited movement.

Would you like to look younger and do not know which skin rejuvenation method to choose? Visit us for a free consultation, our specialists will advise you on what is best for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of individual wrinkle removal methods

Botulinum toxin (Wrinkle Removal)

The first and least invasive method is wrinkle removal with botox. Botulinum toxin is a substance that is used to smooth mimic wrinkles, horizontal deep wrinkles on the forehead, grooves above the root of the nose or cheekbones at the eye corners, and can also positively affect the overall facial expression and helps the complexion to look younger.

Botox successfully blocks the nerve endings in the muscles, so its use has been popular for many years. It is preferable to use it in the upper part of the face, in the lower face the botulinum toxin could distort facial expressions, which is not desirable. This routine treatment does not take more than 5-15 minutes. There is no need for anesthesia, Botox is applied directly to the muscle using thin needles.

In the first hours, it is not suitable to be in a lying position, you can resume normal activity immediately after the procedure. The disadvantage is that the effect of the first administration lasts usually for 3 months, with repeated application this interval lasts 6, 9 and 12 months. It is, therefore, necessary to repeat the process over time, but in case of excessive use, there is a significant restriction or complete loss of mimics.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are used to smooth out wrinkles, fill the face and shape it, revitalize the area of the decollete, neck and hands and increase the volume of the lips.

Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the human organism and is thus very well tolerated. Injectable fillers differ in their hyaluronic acid content, crosslinking, concentration and viscosity. After assessing your condition, your doctor will recommend a suitable preparation.

The filling is inserted with thin needles in the upper, middle or deep skin layers, depending on the deepness of the wrinkles. Numbing cream is not normally used, except for filling lips.

After surgery, swelling, redness or bruising may occur at the injection site, but it disappears in 2 to 3 days. The effect is also not permanent, lasting 6-12 months.

Facial plastic surgery (facelift, lifting)

A more significant change is the plastic surgery of the face (lifting, facelift) which is performed under local or general anesthesia. It is literally a stretching of the skin, thereby removing deep wrinkles. The incision is led by a surgeon from the temporal hairline section downward around the earlobe and continues into the groove behind the ear. As a result, the scar is only a thin line in the area of temples, behind the ear, and can hardly be seen.

Our clinic also performs stretching of deeper layers under the skin, SMASS lifting thus achieving an even better permanent stretch of the skin. Stitches are absorbable in most cases, swelling and bruising disappear within 2-3 weeks.

It is possible to carry out regular office work 5 days after surgery.

The story of Ondra: I finally look my age

When and how much of the aging effect appears depends on a number of factors, many of which we can affect but not all. We never followed a healthy lifestyle in our family, but I regularly do sports, try to sleep well enough, do not smoke and drink too much alcohol. But I started seeing around my 25th year of life that I am growing older much faster than my friends. I began to discover wrinkles, the skin was loose and I started to look older and older. When my friends started to make fun of it, I knew I had to do something about it. Looking 45 years old at 35 is not ideal.

I found out that I am not alone in this problem and that it can be quite easily resolved by various aesthetic procedures that are not extremely expensive and their effect is almost immediate and quite powerful. After consulting with a PRIMED Clinic specialist, I had definitely decided to go there and today I can finally say “I look the right age”.

Ondra is a common case of a person who could not deal with aging faster than he wanted. He has already solved his problem, will you solve yours too?