Wrinkle Removal (botox)

Removal of wrinkles with botox

A Beautiful face

without deep wrinkles

and with a natural look!

Removal of wrinkles with Botox is at our clinic among the most performed interventions. This non-invasive skin rejuvenation method is known worldwide, anyone can easily find information and photos proving its effects, and many of you are sure to know someone who has already tried it and was happy with the result. At PRIMED Clinic, we only employ experienced professionals who know exactly where to put an injection and how much to use to make wrinkle alignment look natural.

Aging skin is a scarecrow for every one of us. But you do not have to worry about it – leave it to us! At PRIMED Clinic, we offer several ways to remove wrinkles, each of which has its own specifics. In addition to botox we recommend, for example, filling on the basis with hyaluronic acid or your own body fat (so-called facial lipofilling).

Have you had enough of the wrinkles on your face? Make an appointment with us for a free consultation, our specialists will talk you through ideas and requirements you might have and help you look younger.

150 EUR

Application of botulinum toxin to one site is costs 150 - 600 EUR, the total price depends on the size of the treated site. The exact price will be provided at a free consultation consultation. Do not hesitate and make an order!

How does wrinkle removal with botox work?

Botulinum toxin is a bacterial product whose application prevents nerve transmission, thereby limiting the movement of the muscles. If the muscle stops shrinking, the skin automatically stretches off, making your wrinkles smooth. A pleasant bonus is a reduction of sweating of the face.

Removal of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid works on a different principle. This is a natural substance our body contains, but with age, it loses it and that results in wrinkling. It does not affect the muscles – when we inject it as a gel into the skin, the wrinkles simply fill up. Other filler materials also have this effect. This effect also has other implications, and that each of the methods of wrinkle removal will help you with other problems.

Choosing the right method will be assisted by our specialists who will talk to you at a free consultation about what troubles you and what you want to achieve.

What result can be expected from wrinkle smoothing with botox?

What you are likely most interested in is what effect you can actually expect from wrinkle smoothing with botulinum toxin. Botox treatment results are not immediately visible, in fact, the substance has to start working first. You can look forward to the first signs of success in a few days, and within two weeks you will see the optimal effect. Effects do not last forever – muscle function resumes in 3 to 6 months, so if you want to keep your youthful appearance, you’ll need to repeat this procedure.

The good news is that after every other application the effect will last for a little longer. Furthermore, botox application has an indirect effect on the improvement. By avoiding excessive frowning, you will feel more comfortable and get rid of bad habits.

When is botox wrinkle smoothing not suitable?

Botulinum toxin injection is a routine cosmetic procedure that does not pose a greater burden on your body. However, for the sake of the absolute safety of our clients, we will not do it to everyone. When is this method not suitable for you?

Forget Botox if you have inflammation, an infectious, oncological or autoimmune disease. Contraindications are also strong acne at the injection location. If you suffer from frequent herpes, it may be caused by the treatment. Pregnant and breastfeeding women will have to wait with the wrinkle-smoothing until after this period of their lives. You should also not take antibiotics and other medicine, anti-inflammatory products such as Wobenzym, which increases bleeding at the time of application.

Do you want to look younger and get rid of ugly wrinkles on your face? Come to a non-binding appointment and together with our specialists, choose a method that will be the optimal way you can imagine.

Miss Alena's story: Botox is nothing to be afraid of!

In the middle of my forehead, I began to develop an ugly groove in my early twenties. This is inherited in our family. My grandmother had it, my mother has it and it is making her look stricter, as though she is upset or worried, even if she is fine. I have always tried not to frown, but it did not help. Supposedly I got it from sitting in front of a computer.

At first, I did not like the idea of botox because I thought it was a poison, and I heard a lot of stories about its harmfulness. But the hyaluronic acid filler was not suitable for my problem. At the PRIMED Clinic, they explained that the muscles would work fine and that the groove would not be deepening. Finally, I got the advice and I went for botox.

Now I’m going to do it for the third time. For the first time, I felt a little weird, as if my forehead was somewhat hard, but the feeling had disappeared over time and joy of a smooth forehead replaced it.

Alena has overcome her distrust of botox and feels much better. Will you trust us, too?

What can you expect before wrinkle removal with Botox?

Before we start with botox injections, we will invite you to a free consultation. We will walk you step by step through the treatment and show you what results you can expect.

Maybe we come to the conclusion that it would be better for you to use hyaluronic acid – the most important is to find the best solution for your particular problem. If wrinkles are really deep, the combination of Botox and hyaluronic acid is sometimes optimal.

How does Botulinum toxin application work?

If you are afraid of surgical interventions for purely cosmetic reasons, botulinum toxin injections could be the best way to smooth your skin. This is not an invasive procedure, but an outpatient dermatological treatment, after which you may go home instantly.

How exactly will this happen? We apply the substance by using thin needles into the facial muscles to block the nerve transmission. This procedure is not severely painful, and most patients go through it without local anesthesia. If necessary, of course, we will rub your skin with cream. It does not last for more than a few minutes, so you really do not have to worry about the saying that one must suffer to be beautiful!

What happens after wrinkle removal with botulinum toxin?

After Botox, you can immediately get back to work. Side effects tend to be exceptional, mostly only a temporary feeling of itching, tingling or moderate pressure. If there is local redness or swelling, just wait – the problem disappears in the hour. In the long run, is absolutely safe and can be repeated without limits.

In everyday life you will not limit yourself, just you should not lie or lean your head shortly after the procedure. For a few days, avoid a sauna, a swimming pool, a solarium, the sun and intense sports – after a short period, you can return to them without worrying. Greater risks arising from wrinkle removal with Botox are, without exception, linked to an improper application, but this is by no means happening at our clinic.